Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Dawn rose red this morning across the bay. Light breeze from the northeast. Young cormorants chirped on the jib boom, while pelicans preened on the pilings.

The Bounty is out at the end of "the pier," next to an inverted pyramid. She's a bit naked at the moment. On the way down the coast in December she broke her main tops'l yardarm and it now lies in pieces on the port channels, outside the topsides, inside the shrouds. The crew shifted the foretops'l yard to the mainmast, and when we set sail we will have the privilege of sending up a replacement yard. We will also send up a new mizzen topmast, which is like mounting a large flagpole on top of an even larger flagpole while rolling around in a seaway.

We set sail tomorrow (Wednesday) around 8:30 in the morning. If the wind is from the east, we can sail virtually off the dock, down Tampa Bay, and under the Skyline Bridge.

Carly, Nicole, Michael, and Nino are on board; Cindy and Maria have landed and will be in shortly. Cell phones keep us all in touch. The rest of the crew will be here by 9:00 p.m.

The students have all been assigned to watches and bunks. They will have to learn how to sleep in four hour bursts, or rise to eat, and then go back to bed. The accommodations are simple, but adequate. The Bounty's crew most hospitable.

Carly has set me up with this computer. Now we will see how it transmits over the satellite phone. It's a brave new world when the students teach the professors the new technology.
posted by Chris Pyle