Friday, January 14, 2005

Parrot Woman - January 12

Once again on a new watch, we raised anchor and set the sails, battling a current and teasing the winds to escape Key West, land of key lime pie and binge drinking. I think we are all getting a better grip on the sails and the lines and their order on the pin rails, but it is still a confusing task to handle the sails efficiently. We set the forward course, the main topsil, and the mail tagallant, as well as the stasils and spanker (someone else can correct me if I’m wrong in their post). I surprised myself by climbing to the tagallant yard arm to loose the sail; I think that’s up about 85 feet. I’m not sure if I’ll go up there again, but I managed to not be too nervous, beyond fearing that I am too large to get through the shrouds of the topsil to the tagallant. I made it.

On other fronts, I need to continue to photograph everything, especially everyday life aboard the ship, the glowing red lights of the tween decks, and the good food Ralph has been cooking for us.
posted by Rose, Parrot Woman