Friday, January 14, 2005

Parrot Woman - Jan 13

Sausage and cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and of course a shot of ship coffee. We are in the last stage of our sailing adventure, trying to act independently of the wonderful crew of the bounty, and even acting as mini-mates, leading the wearing of the ship and keeping track of our course of navigation. An underlying theme of the Captain’s afternoon sailing "classes" has been that sailors are simple people. I’m sure this was meant as a sarcastic challenge to our concept of education and intelligence. Sailing is a language all of its own, with a broad vocabulary demanding of much more than simplicity of mind. It is certainly a different part of the mind than "higher education" demands: there aren’t any papers to outline, or hours to gestate a new theory. Yet sailors must have a quickness of intellect to manage a ship effectively, which always involves physical activity and willing energy, in contrast to the pleasant lethargy that writing a paper or hearing a lecture often involves. It would take me years to master the knots and pin rails, not to mention the navigation and wind patterns.

This afternoon for work party I went aloft and sat on the foremast cross trees, about 90 feet up. It was actually quite relaxing once I managed to get up there: the climb is still nerve-wracking, but very satisfying. Looks like dinner is about ready: spicy thai. I’ll miss Ralph when I head back to school.
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