Friday, January 14, 2005

Natalia: Monday notes and Johnny Depp update

It’s 21:18 and I just got off bow watch. The glow of Key West is to our port side, and to our starboard is a lot of darkness looking out to the Atlantic. I saw a wonderful shooting star – long and bright...made a wish for y’all.

As you’ve probably read, we are finally rockin’ and rollin’ and I am totally excited that I am not seasick at all! I’ve been splicing all afternoon and adding my own bit to the Pirates of the Caribbean set (We made some ratlines – the foot-ropes, on which you step to climb to the yards.). As promised, here’s a quick overview of the Johnny Depp situation – the Bounty will sail away to Alabama right after we’re done, they will revamp the ship there, and then they will proceed to the island of Saint Vincent, where they will meet with the Disney crew, including Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Kierra Knightly (Yeah, I misspelled at least one of their names.) The Bounty crew is looking forward to it all, including their $100 per day pay, and if not in the movie itself, they hope to be at least in the extra DVD scenes.

Next, on my to do list, is a boat check and so I’d better go and take my foul weather jacket off because I hear the engine room is very, very hot tonight. (We’ve been motoring because the wind is blowing straight towards Cuba, and sadly enough the Captain does not know how to dance salsa ;) . Tomorrow we’re in Key West, which means a visit to the Cramer (a 135-foot brigantine, also ran by SEA), and of course all the joys of shore-life. For now, keep rockin’...just keep rockin’. -----
posted by Natalia