Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Maria: Key West ambling

Unfortunately, just as I was warming up to the idea of blogging, the laptop was fried about three or four days before our trip ended. I have finally managed to pull myself out of my post-voyage languor and write down some of my experiences.

One event that I had begun a post on was our little trip into Key West. It seems like an age ago now, and yet, I can still acutely recall how I felt that day. I was pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable a day it turned out to be. Key West is a place of bars and tourist traps, and I really didn't think I was going to have much fun. The day began chilly and wet and everyone knows that such weather is not inducive to fun. However, as is common in Florida, the sun came blaring out, and the rest of the day was pleasantly hot.

A group of five of us went about together. I believe it was Allison, Mike, Rose, Nino, and myself. We didn't do anything particularly exciting. We ambled in and out of tourist shops, each one full to the brim with chintzy baubles and pop music. One definitive highlight of the day was stumbling upon the Key West Chicken Store: Where Chickens are Safe. The store acts as a fund raiser for a small chicken sanctuary devoted to protecting the loose, un-owned chickens that raise havoc on the streets of the island. They sell everything from t-shirts printed with witty chicken puns to chicken music. I personally preferred the "Aware of the Attack Chicken" signs, and purchased one for the door of my dorm room. After spending quite a bit of time looking over the chicken paraphernalia, our group ambled on down the streets looking at this and that until it was time to meet the rest of the class. The whole class, as well as Andy, the first mate, went to a great Cuban restaurant, after which we split up. Those of us going back to the ship had a bit of time and some of us went in search for pirate gear to purchase. Much to our chagrin, the only pirate store on the island was closed, and our quest had to be given up. On the whole, it was a day soaked in sun, youth, and friendship. Days like that are always memorable, even without large events to color them.
posted by Maria